In this episode I talk with Jason Rebello, on Twitter @JasRebello who is an amazing pianist most likely known for his original jazz albums, but he has also had a career working with many other household names across all genres.

Jason released his first album ‘A Clearer View’ when he was twenty after being signed by Wayne Shorter to BMG records and has since then released a further seven albums working with the likes of Troy Miller, Pino Palladino, Jeremy Stacey, Tim Garland and Jacob Collier.

As well as his solo career Jason toured with Sting for six years and played on three of his albums before then joining Jeff Beck’s band for a further six years of touring and another three albums. Throughout this time Jason worked alongside the likes of Chaka Khan, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel among others.

Jason now teaches at several universities and works on his Jazz Rainbow project for helping children’s development through music.


In this episode we talk about:

  • The dirty work of practice

  • How to lose yourself in music

  • Having a positive mindset

  • Jason’s two golden rules

  • And much more

Jason Rebello - Pianist, Enjoyment, Perspective of the Bigger Picture
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Show Notes:

00:00 – Jason’s Background

06:00 – The deciding moment in Jason’s childhood

07:30 – The wonder of being in the moment

09:00 – The dirty work of practice

11:00 – How to lose yourself in the music

12:30 – The mentality of performing without stress

17:00 – Jason’s headspace and education as a young musician

20:00 – Having a positive mindset

22:45 – Jason deciding not to ‘sell out’

24:30 – Composing Vs performing

25:30 – The biggest obstacle to composing

26:00 – Composing from a young age

28:00 – Jason’s composing process

30:30 – The bigger picture in Jason’s life

33:30 – Variety in your career as a musician

35:30 – Changing your perspective on genres

37:00 – Different careers for different musical priorities

39:00 – Jason’s musical strengths

40:00 – Touring as the front man

41:00 – Your personality as a musician

42:30 – Jason’s two golden rules

47:00 – Going with the flow of life

49:00 – The importance of struggles and mistakes

51:30 – Continual Learning

54:00 – The big picture of enjoying music

59:30 – Favorite piano gear

1:00:00 – Recommended Listening

1:02:00 – Jason’s current gigs

1:04:00 – Big picture thinking

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